Typical Argentinian tradition: dulce de leche "Mi Nona" simply the best flavor!

In Argentina and in almost all of South America, just as in the various countries of Central America, Dulce de Leche is one of the best known products and it is a typical Argentinian product. People of all ages, from small children to adults put Dulce de Leche on the table for the daily sandwich meal. There is hardly a household in South America without of pot of the famous Dulce de Leche in their cupboard.

Dulce de Leche contains healthy ingredients and is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. The product is made from milk, without any preservatives or colorants and it is just as healthy as the milk itself! It is one of the best delicacies ever in the history of Argentina.

An exclusive spread for on bread, pancakes, biscuits, fresh fruit, in sweets and deserts, as topping for ice cream and in anything that springs to the culinary artist's mind.

The “Mi Nona” branch, born in Silvia R. Piezzi’s memory mother, because his son never met his Nona, Maria Eva named by who knew her as “Evita”. This tribute to her was not only by the huge love for her, but because she was an exemplary mother, hard worker and a great Argenitina’s woman who won the respect of everybody knew her.

Dulce de Leche “Mi Nona” has a sweet taste, a delicacy to enjoy, to savor and share with our loved ones!

It is just delicious, irresistible to stop enjoy it!


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